The Grass Roots Cultural and Performing Arts Center, Inc. (GRCPAC), is the result of a decade long effort that began as The Alternate Root, a simple operation with modest goals.  The Alternate Root was created with a mission to keep traditional American Roots music alive and thriving for future generations, and to advocate for the composers, producers and performers creating what we believe to be the most forward thinking and vital music offered in America and around the world. 

In 2007 we began to document our work on film, developing Alternate Root TV.  We produced a weekly program distributed to over 275 Cable Access Channels around the country, in the UK and Canada.  In the process of filming music and interviewing players, we were consistently exposed to and discovering a diverse group of artists who are creating and performing some of the most powerful and relevant music around; music we crave. So many of the artists we filmed are independent -under-served by the mainstream music business and under the radar of a public starved for authentic sound.  We decided to expand our effort so as to share the "live" experience we were having as film-makers and documentarians, inviting a small studio audience of like-minded fans to attend the filming, creating The Extended Play Sessions experience. 

What has emerged out of our original mission is a community of people over 2500 strong; kindred spirits who have joined our mission and grown with us in appreciation of American Roots music.  What began with the simple desire to create a shared musical and educational experience, has evolved into an unexpected, intentional community engaged in something much greater and more significant than we ever imagined.  

In March of 2017 the Grass Roots Cultural and Performing Arts Center non-profit corporation was formed. Our goal is to continue providing our home grown intentional community with The Extended Play Sessions experience, while bringing our collective passion and expertise to a wider community in order to foster creative partnerships, and advance a greater understanding and appreciation of traditional American Roots music.

The Building Blocks

Our Team