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A Community Like No Other...

The Grass Roots community is just that, a community.  We are a collection of people who travel from home and neighborhood to gather around music, art, friendship and a common cause.  We are 2500 strong and growing every day. We are doctors, lawyers, carpenters and baristas. We are parents, teachers and social workers.  We are laborers, assistants and community leaders -people from all walks of life. We come from both success and struggle, living in the surrounding areas of Sharon, Norwood, Walpole, Wrentham, Canton, Foxboro, Westwood, Boston and beyond.  We have members from Cape Cod, Cape Ann and Western Mass, and some who travel from Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut.  Our community is as broad in age as in areas of interest, however whether in our 30's or somewhere past 60, we prefer and enjoy sharing the experience of new and live music among friends, a glass of wine and a few laughs in a relaxed environment rather than wrestling with the mania of a crowded bar scene with no place to sit and no place to park!

Our place is a destination. The Extended Play Sessions, GRCPAC's foundational programming, offers a unique experience; the opportunity to see world class live music while witnessing the production of a televised program "up front and personal." Our productions provide a rare, inclusive experience.  As a member of the studio audience, one participates as an insider; given time to talk with artists, ask questions, and learn about music, music making and it’s rich, diverse history.  We provide a “listening room;" a forum where performers don't have to compete with the noise of background chatter, television sets or sports programming,  where the audience is present to hear their songs and stories.  A sense of connection and intimacy ensues between audience, artist, the music and our team of professionals facilitating the process, co-creating one of the most truly unique music experiences in all of New England.

Extended Play Sessions Bill Hurley

Learning from our experiences with the Extended Play Sessions and the community that formed around this magical phenomenon, The Grass Roots Cultural and Performing Arts Center recognizes the need we humans, of all ages and backgrounds have for up front exposure to the making of art, participation in the creative process, and more opportunities to come together in authentic connection with one another.  We hear you and we are here for you.  This is our intention.

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