Our Goals for the 2019 Fundraiser

The vision for the future of the Grass Roots Cultural and Performing Arts Center is ambitious and comprehensive. Our mission is to preserve, promote and advocate for Traditional American Roots music. Bringing a wide variety of programs, seminars, workshops and live performance to the community will keep us and the local community very active. Music and the arts touch  every aspect of our lives and is under fire from our government and leaders. Part of our vision is to create a sanctuary where we can enjoy music, art and community as one. We can't do this alone so periodically we reach out to the community to help us fund some needed upgrades and to help finance some projects moving forward. We know that donating can be difficult so we've attached some "incentives" and rewards benefits for different levels of donations to sweeten things up a bit.

Where Does Your Donation Go?


While we may not meet all of these goals, we feel it is imperative that we outline specific areas of need that your generous donations will help us address. These include an upgrade to our current video projection equipment, including a new projector and a new wider, larger screen. With this upgrade we can establish a series of "Film Nights" for music documentaries and music related short and feature films.

The general wear and tear of live production takes a toll on our audio and video equipment that needs upgrading, repair and maintenance. We would like to add a second boom crane and a rear camera for our live productions as well as some new and much needed audio production gear for our livestream production.

For our food/beverage area we are hoping to add a new refrigerator for a second beer tap, and ...if we get really lucky perhaps a dishwasher so we can eliminate the use of plastic cups that are non-recyclable, helping to make the Fallout Shelter more environmentally friendly.

Another area we would like to address is to hire a publicist to help us promote the Extended Play Sessions Experience to audiences around the country and to television stations in markets like Nashville, Austin, Chicago and others. This is an ongoing monthly expense that we simply can't accomplish with our current level of income from live events.

Our goal is to raise between $15,000.00 and $20,000.00 to help us achieve some of our future goals for 2019.



Here is our NEW Supporter Level List for 2019

$50 - The 'Skull and Roses' Level

For a $50.00 Donation you will receive:
 - Personalized Fallout Shelter Badge,

 - Exclusive invitation to Members Only shows (subject to space and availability),

 - Name Recognition in 3 Newsletters during membership year,

 - Name Recognition on 'Supporters Board' to be posted for sponsorship year at The Fallout Shelter Studios.

$100 - The 'Limited Edition' Level


 For a $100 Donation you will receive:
 - All of the benefits of the 'Skull and Roses' Level Plus:
 - a "limited Edition" Supporters only Fallout Shelter t-shirt
 - A second personalized Fallout Shelter Badge for a friend, spouse, relative

$150 - The 'Gimme Some Soul' Level


 For a $150 Donation you will receive:

 - All of the benefits of the 'Limited Editions' Level Plus: 
2 FREE passes for a Movie Night OR Dance Party Night at The Fallout Shelter
 - a Limited Edition Fallout Shelter Coffee Mug

$250 - The 'Plus One' Level (limited to 50)


 For a $250 Donation you will receive: 

- All of the benefits of the 'Gimme Some Soul' Level Plus: 
- 1 Additional Limited Edition Members Only Fallout Shelter t-shirt

$300 - The 'Wine and Dine' Level (limited to 50)


 For a $300 Donation you will receive: 

- All of the benefits of the 'Plus One' Level Plus: 
- A bottle of Limited Edition Fallout Shelter Red Blend Premium Wine - courtesy of The Boston Winery

$500 - The 'Gimme Shelter' Level (limited to 25)


 For a $500 Donation you will receive: 

- All of the benefits of the 'Wine and Dine' Level Plus: 
- A signed and numbered 3d printed replica of the Fallout Shelter 'Skull and Roses' Logo hand painted by Bill Hurley with a Certificate of Authenticity. There are only 100 of these that will be hand painted, signed and numbered.

$1000 - The 'I'm With the Band' Level (limited to 10)


 For a $1000 Donation you will receive: 

- All of the benefits of the 'Gimme Shelter' Level Plus: 
- Early Access for you and your guest to 2 shows of your choice (5pm sound check, meet & greet the band, choose your own table),

- $100 Fallout Shelter Gift Certificate for shows, events, or merchandise* (not to be used at the bar)

$2500 - The 'Private Reserve' Level (limited to 5)

For a $2500 Donation you will receive:

- All of the benefits of 'I’m with the Band' Level Plus: 

- Reserved Table of your choice for 1 year,

- Early Access to 4 shows of your choice (for 5pm sound check, meet & greet the band)

- $200 Fallout Shelter Gift Certificate for shows, events, or merchandise* (not to be used at the bar) *200.00 in Gift Certificates Total, This level includes an additional $100 in Gift Certificates.

$5000 - The 'Fallout Shelter Producer' Level (limited to 2)

For a $5000 Donation you will receive:

- All Of the benefits of 'Private Reserve' Level Plus:

- 'Executive Producer' acknowledgement on all Live Streaming and Extended Play Sessions Episodes for 1 year, and

- 6 months of business/branding marketing on Fallout Shelter table tents and Fallout Magazine Newsletters.


 * Donations to GRCPAC, a Section 501(c)3 nonprofit, may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. We advise you to consult with your tax advisers or the IRS to determine whether  your contribution is deductible. We will deduct the value of the 'supporter benefits' and send you a receipt for your donation within 30 days.

 * Fallout Shelter personalized guest badges do not constitute admission to live events. You still must purchase a ticket to attend a live show.

 * 'Reserved Tables' are not transferable. You must have a reservation or ticket to the event and arrive no later than 7:15PM. After 7:15 PM the "reserved" placard will be removed unless other arrangements have been made with the GRCPAC staff.

 * The "Sponsorship Year" begins on April 4, 2019 and ends on April 5, 2020. All levels with a benefit that has a 1 year duration (reserved tables, producer credits, etc.) will end on April 5, 2020.

 * If your 'Benefit' includes early admittance for a meet and greet with the band please coordinate with Bill Hurley billhurley@thealternateroot.com 48 hours prior to the show so arrangements can be made to make this a special event for you and your guest(s).

 * If your 'Benefit' includes a t-shirt please specify the size in the 'special instructions' section of your donation page on PayPal.

  * If you wish to donate by check rather than using PayPal you can make your check out to GRCPAC and mail your check to:

5 Nikisch Avenue

Roslindale, MA 02131

  * Gift Certificates can be redeemed for events, live shows and merchandise. Gift certificates cannot be used to purchase beer or wine beverages or food.

  * 'Members Only' Events are events that we may deem as Members Only for the purpose of 'Advance Notice' and 'Limited Ticket Availability.' This is generally reserved for shows with bigger, nationally touring artists or special event shows like our Holiday Extravaganza or special staged events. If we deem a show to be one we would like our 'supporters' to have the first opportunity to purchase tickets or purchase tickets at a reduced rate the notification of that event will be mailed to a separate list of 2019 donors, regardless of your level of donation. You would then have 72 hours to purchase or reserve seating before any public announcement.